Justice denied or dem’s da rules?


Can’t help but feel that a circumstance like Jack Bauer’s loss of stage 15 should have some kind of rule that would be more just. Really the peloton should have to be held to more strategic riding than just throttling someone who has worked 30% harder than all of them for 5 hours in the last 8 seconds. The peloton had poor judgment and it should never have been so close. There should be a rule that if you lead the stage for 90% of the distance the peloton cannot defeat with you less than a 100 meter (or whatever is fair) sprint. That would really change the dynamics of the sprint finish…you couldn’t just suck a wheel for 5 hours and then blow by the real winner of the stage. Am I right?

Sweet new man (bike) cave


The km stats look pretty dismal so far this season but the new garage is looking good. That harness comes from my Great Grandfather’s estate sale a number of years ago. In the future I’d like to add a wood stove, go to a one car family and then use the space to tinker on my bikes and rebuild dump bikes (maybe volunteer in the W.R.E.N.C.H program – they gave away hundreds of rebuilt dump bikes last year). Join me for a ride sometime and we can chill in the cave with a cool one afterwards :).

How about that stage 9 TDF ride by Tony Martin today? Such power – incredible!

Luddite finds Bike Calculator

I haven’t seen any Mennos with gear for measuring watts output, but I did come across the Bike Calculator which is an interesting device for determining how many Watts one would need to put out to average a certain speed over a certain distance with a certain wind and a certain gradient at a certain altitude. To average 40 kph over my usual 40 km TT distance into the usual 50 kph head wind when on the hoods would require a monstrous 1750 watts. On the other hand, to average the same with no wind would require an average of 350 watts. Check it out here at bike calulator

ABES vs MIT Time Trial

I believe the time has come to contemplate an MIT vs ABES Team Time Trial. Over the last few years MIT riders have participated in a number of rides put on by our southern Mennonite brothers, including several Gretna to Walhalla rides, the provincial Individual Time Trial and a gravel grinder hosted by ABES last year. Perhaps it is time to invite ABES to come to the East Reserve for a friendly Team Time Trial. Many of the ABES club members are active in cyclocross and have something of a competitive spirit, so this might be something to draw them out of their club/pub house for a visit to our side of the Red. The format could be an easy “get acquainted” group ride to Quarry Oaks followed by a 50 km TTT from Quarry Oaks through La Broquerie to Richer to Ste. Anne and return via Giroux to Quarry Oaks. We would break from established UCI Rules for the TTT with our own rules:

1) Team of 10 riders max.
2) Team must maintain a minimum of 8 riders to Ste. Anne
3) Team must finish with five riders

My guess is that it could be a very close race. Lunch would be at Quarry Oaks following the event.

Share your thoughts and ideas.

Woodridge Ride

In his imminent wisdom, Jac overruled the MIT Parliament and decided not to change the date of the Woodridge Ride. Fearing retribution from our Glorious, but absent, Leader, we (Rod, Alex, Patrick, Remy and Merle) made the decision to follow through with the event scheduled and make haste for the Quad Mecca of Woodridge. If memory serves me correctly, many of our Woodridge rides have involved little wind on the way out and a strong north headwind for the return trip. Saturday was as good a day for this ride as you will ever find in SE MB with clear skies, a mid 20′s temp. and virtually no wind. Going by Rod’s computer we averaged a stout 34 km/hr.

The Woodridge Restaurant is back up and running and served a great breakfast. If there was any doubt that a “gang” of old, out of shape, but tough looking Hells Angels lookalikes hold more sway in the minds of the public than a “squad” of younger, muscular, athletic lycra clad racer boys, these doubts were settled in the restaurant. Good looks and Lycra are no guarantee of quick service when matched up against the intimidating appearance of chains, tatoos and leather. Whining also does not necessarily improve the order in which you will be served as Remy found out. It is great to see the restaurant back in business and it is definitely worthy of MIT support.

Where are we riding next week Jac? How about changing the ride to La Tour des Dorf de Franconites? This would take us from Steinbach through La Broquerie to Richer and Ste. Anne (for breakfast) before continuing on to Landmark, New Bothwell, Mitchell and Steinbach. This would be about the same length as the Woodridge Ride; something to put a little steel into the legs.