March Madness

Am I going crazy or did MIT just complete a 40km ride in early March?  Maybe the Russians are wrong in predicting solar cooling, a return of the Maunder Minimum.  Maybe Putin is bombarding Canada with shortwave radiation in an attempt to cook us; revenge for Harper’s support of the Ukraine.  Maybe he thinks the Mennonites, who abandoned Crimea and the East of the Ukraine are to blame for Canada’s foreign policy.  Or maybe the weather gods are setting us up for the big knockout punch.  Yup!  That’s it!mit

Cheap Indoor Virtual Training Option


A snapshot of the virtual world of Zwift Island.

I know for most of the hardcore MIT’ers out there, indoor training season never really arrives. Less hardcore riders, however, might be interested in exploring the virtual training world offered by Zwift. Essentially, it allows you to view your effort and progress as you compete against the other online riders zipping around the virtual world of Zwift Island. Any indoor trainer works, but you’ll need a power meter and ANT+, or bluetooth, supported cadence sensor and hrm.  Interested? Check it out.

Hwy 12’s Getting Paved Shoulders?


edited road by stanne

Here’s what it could look like in the near future around Steinbach. 15 feet of asphalty goodness  will transform Hwy 12 from a very dangerous, poor pavement ride into a route that opens up some great loop options. Ghost trucks, however, could still pose a hazard…

When construction began this past summer on improvements to Hwy. 12 north of Steinbach, I had high hopes that the road renewal would include paved shoulders. It looks to me, judging by this photo I took about a month ago, that it will. My understanding is that they’ll eventually repave it all the way to Steinbach. Nice. Road riding around here is looking up. Now if only we could get paved shoulders to La Broquerie.

Bad Time for a Burger?

Picture quality really doesn't do this meal justice. My phone lens is totally scratched...

The picture quality really doesn’t do this meal justice. My phone lens is totally scratched…

Is there ever really a bad time to order a bacon cheeseburger and fries? That’s what I was thinking when Saturday’s MIT ride rolled into Richer and the Cat Sass Tavern for the mid-ride food stop at just around 9:30am. To a man, all of the guys ended up ordering the “Provencher“, a typical, and delicious, breakfast special that the menu claims is a house favourite consisting of meat, eggs, hashbrowns and toast. Me? I boldly ordered the “Nor’wester Burger“, a local favourite – I know that’s true because it says so in the menu. In this case, I don’t doubt it as I consider myself a pretty good judge of a great burger, and I’d say this one ranks in the top 5 I’ve eaten anywhere, even out ranking VJ’s in Winnipeg. The homemade fries were also excellent. So if you’re ever in the neighbourhood, forget Gepetto’s down the road and try out the “Nor’wester”.